New generation of TV ads

that will change the world!

Smarty is an innovative technology that takes TV to a new level.
It's a personalized and intuitional advertising system delivered to your TV screen. 

The platform pays viewers for their time and attention when they are
watching the ads and allows companies selling goods and services
to advertise on all TV channels. 


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Your advertising on television

Prime Time all the time

Smarty is introducing hi tech, cutting edge marketing, advertising and branding tool, giving every business access to the realm
of television advertising. Your advertising:

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On all tv

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Every time when client
turns on TV

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Hi tech, hyper targeted,
geolocated marketing

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No1 in the world!

Get paid for watching TV!

Companies offering goods and services are paying money to reach their potential customers.
When they advertise with us, we give a fair share of that money to viewers of ads. Your earn more:

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When you view


When you

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When you

Order online and get Smarty tomorrow
at your doorstep


Order online and get smarty  tomorrow
at your doorstep


For the first time in the history of mankind, audience of advertising gets rewarded for being a target group. 
For the first time in history of Television, it is possible to advertise on all TV channels at the same time.  

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