Successful banner – how to maximize results with Smarty

Your advertising will be shown as a L shaped banner on TV screen of your audience. It will pop up, take 10% of the screen. The banner doesn’t have a sound option, so it will not disturb the program, the viewer is focused on. In other words, this is a non-invasive ad, which will be on the screen for 10 seconds and will disappear.

The banner is just a beginning. Once clicked by the viewer will transform the screen into full-screen advertising.  It will be seen by viewers who have already choose to see advertising from your sector, and who are in the area, in which your products and services are available. The system has these issues covered. The rest of the success is up to the banner.

The graphics file of the banner can be done by you, or someone from your team, or we can prepare one for you. The aim of the banner is to interest potential clients with the offer. The best banners cover following factors:

  1. Interesting offer – your offer has to be something, that market requires. for sure it is, but you have to present it to the advertising content.
  2. Good image presenting the offer – your offer has to catch the eye.  The photo or graphic should be both, attractive and informative.
  3. Text – your advertising on the banner does not give too much space for words. Choose the words very carefully, as your audience has just few seconds to read.
  4. Targeting – your advertising will have a chance of converting into a lead or sale, if you reach the right people. You know your clients better than anyone.

Don’t hesitate to contact ad support if you are not sure what will work best in Smarty. We are always here to help you.


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