Power of good landing page

Banner after clicking transforms screen of TV viewer into full-screen advertising. In the system, there is a variety of options available, as of what happens on full screen. Smarty Ad is a television advertising but has features as online advertising. The difference is – the display happens on TV screen, not computers or mobile devices.

Smarty Receiver is a TV computer making your TV device smart, like any other Smart TV. The receiver is connected to the internet to get the data of the content of Ad from a server. Thanks to the software, advertising can redirect any user to any digital content possible.

  1. Graphic static page – Image with text content and images. It is a good option if you don’t have a website. Thanks to this landing page you can give more information about your offer and also you can direct the client to your location, or place a special offer, a voucher, or just description. Anything you want.
  2. Website – Your company website can be a landing page. If you are selling a product or service online, send viewers to your website. Users of smarty have an air mouse so that they can navigate smoothly on the screen.
  3. Video – After clicking on L-shape banner, you can redirect a client to video link on YouTube or any other online video base like Vimeo.
  4. Online shop – you are selling something on shopping platform? You can direct potential clients to your product.
  5. Social media platforms – like Facebook or Instagram.

With Smarty, you can direct clients to any place on the internet you wish. The goal is to convert the viewer into the client of your company. With Smarty support team



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