Smarty Visa Card

Smarty Life is paying people for watching TV. To make receiving money as easy as watching TV Smarty delivers a special Visa Card which is registered to the Smarty Receiver. Smarty Receiver collects the information about how much money you should get for watching TV and the system will send the exact amount of money to your personal Smarty Visa Card. Smarty will top your card every month according to how active user you are.

The Card is a unique, custom-made pre-paid Card created for our users.

To receive a Card you need to be a user and register a request for the card. It will be delivered to your doorstep by FETCH and courier will ask for your Emirates ID to verify your Identity.

Activation of the Card : Call 04-2935814 and provide 16 digit card number.  The Card will be active shortly. Next you need to set up your personal PIN. You can do it by online Card portal or using dedicated Mobile App. You will have 24/7 Access to informations about your balance, last transactions, income, charges, and also you can change settings of your card anytime.

Your Smarty Visa Card is as any ATM Card and you may use the card wherever VISA is accepted. You can pay with it in stores, withdraw cash from ATM machine and shop online.




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