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Smarty Business
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Smarty Business
What is included in the first package?

The first package includes

- Registration admin fee for joining the program

- Quantity of clicks and views

- Every order gives the privilege to get for free Smarty Receiver with Smarty Visa Card with home delivery, so our advertisers can test our product and share it with friends and family.

Am I signing a contract for a period or the issue of advertising?

The booking of advertising is a payment per certain quantity of clicks and views. It doesn’t have a time frame.  You can use your clicks and views credits in a very short period or in a longer period of time.

You pay for the views and clicks of your advertising.

Can I cancel or stop advertising at any moment I want?

Of course. You can edit your campaign, stop it, suspend it, change the targeting. Also, you can resume your campaign anytime you wish.

How can I pay for advertising?

You can pay by cheque, with Smarty International as a beneficiary. Also, you can pay by bank transfer or cash in our office.

If I will buy a package and not make an advert right away, will my money be still in the system?

In Smarty system, you pay per click and view. Your money will stay in the system as long as you will not use it. 

Do I need to hire a graphic designer to put an ad in Smarty?

In Smarty team of graphic designers is making designs for campaigns of our clients. You can design it yourself. Once the design is done, it will be sent to you for review and approval.

How will I know my Advertising is displayed?

You shall receive your Advertiser panel login and password where you can follow results of your campaigns in real time, statistics of views and clicks and engagement.

Can I change my Advert anytime?

The options of advertising, the targeting, yes. The content, you need to contact our graphics team to change the advert, slogan, color or offer, and the team has to design the Advert for you again. 

Can I stop my advert Anytime?

Yes, you can suspend your campaign anytime. Log into your account and set the “suspend” button. 

Can I place my website on my advertising?

Yes, you can. Users can click on the Advert, to open it. The type of further advertising is up to you. The user has a smart tv with an air mouse. Directed to your website he can surf it, just as easy as he can on the internet. 

I don’t have a website. Can I still advertise with Smarty?

Smarty is for everyone. Redirection to the website is just one of many options. We can also prepare for you a static page with visual and text content. We can include a map to show your company location, the image of the product or service with price or a discount of any offer.

Can I place a video in my advertising?

Yes, you can. Upload your video to YouTube Vimeo or another video platform, place the link in ad panel and launch. Please keep in mind, that video will be displayed on a television. 

Can I have two or more campaigns at the same time?

Yes, you can. You can set as many campaigns at once as you want. If you have a variety of products and services to offer, you can make separate campaigns and follow the results of each one. 

How do I renew my package?

Contact our business consultant, and he will offer you the best deal available at the moment. 

What do I get If I recommend the system to other business?

You will get a higher discount on our services and a bundle of bonus clicks and views.

Smarty Life
How much does it cost to become a Smarty Life user?

Joining Smarty doesn’t cost anything. Smarty is collecting a refundable deposit for the Smarty Receiver, which will be returned once user will resign from using the system.

How can I get Smarty Receiver for myself and my family?

Please, apply online at and or call 800 SMARTY toll line and request to become a user of Smarty Life. 

What do I need to have to become a Smarty Life user?


  1. You need to have television. Does not have to be Smart TV.
  2. You need to have cable or satellite television provider, like du or Etisalat.
  3. You need to have internet.
Which documents are required for registration?
  1. Emirates Id Copy
  2. Passport and Visa page copy
  3. On the day of delivery of the Smarty Visa Card, you need to have original Emirates ID and show it to the courier.
I don’t have TV device. Can I use it on my laptop to see ads and get money?

Sadly, Smarty System is designed to work with Television Screens. You need to have Television to be a user of Smarty.

I don’t have a television, but I have a Tv. Can I be a user?

Sadly, no. Smarty system requires any television broadcasting provider and an internet connection.

I don’t have internet at home. Can I be a user?

Sadly, no. Smarty system requires an internet connection to receive data.

I am a business client, and I advertise with Smarty; will I get more benefits than others from my Smarty Receiver?

All users are equal in Smarty. As an advertiser, you pay money to reach the desired group of clients.

I don’t want to see Ads today. What should I do?

Just go to your settings and turn Ads off. Remember, if you turn Ads off, you will not receive benefits of viewing adds. 

I don’t want to see certain kind of adds.

No worries. Go to Ad Settings and change preferences. Choose which categories interest you. The Ads from categories you did not add as an interest of yours will not be displayed on the banner.

How do I know how much I am getting money for viewing Ads?

Please go to panel and find Ads Account. You will see all the Ads, which were displayed, and exact amount of benefit of viewing it. On top right corner of the screen you will see total amount for now.

How do I cancel Smarty membership?

If you wish to no longer be with Smarty, contact our branch by call or email and process your resignation. You will need to return the Smarty Receiver and Smarty Visa Card.

Smarty Visa Card
What do I need to do to get Smarty Visa Card?

Once you register with us and get Smarty Receiver installed in your home, you are entitled to get Smarty Visa Card. 

How can i get the card?

The card will be delivered to your home by Courier, who will ask you for Emirates ID before handing out the card.

How do I activate the card?

You need to call 04-2935814 give 16 digit card number and the card will be active. Next you need to set up PIN. 

How do I set up and change PIN?

In your Smarty Visa Card portal you can setup card PIN and change it in case you forgot it. 

How will I be able to check balance of my Card?

You will get access to online card panel, where you can see your last transactions, balance and change settings. You can also download mobie app to manage your card. 

When I will be receiving money for watching Ads?

Smarty will charge your Smarty Visa Card every month with the amount of money appearing in the system for viewing Ads. 

Can I withdraw cash from my Smarty Visa Card?

Yes, you can. The card has a dedicated pin and you can withdraw money in any ATM in UAE or anywhere in the world.  

Can I pay in internet with Smarty Visa Card?

Yes, you can. You can use it to purchase goods and service as with any other ATM card.

I lost my Smarty Visa Card!

Just log in to your card portal and block it or call us and we will block it for you. Issuing new Smarty Visa Card carriean a extra fee.

Sarty Visa Card is connected to my bank account?

Smarty Visa Card is a pre-paid ATM card. It is not connected to your account. Its purpose is to be an easy way to get your Smarty money. You can use it just like any other ATM card, (withdraw cash in ATM, purchase online and in the shops) but not options of the bank account.

Can I load the card?

Yes you can. You can do it in any of the Carrefour cashiers. 

What are the limits of the loading of card?

You can load maximum 10,ooo a day, 20,000 AED a month and 60,000 a year. 

How long card is Valid?

Smarty Visa Card is valid 3 years. 

What will happen if I will use card online in forreign currency?

The money held in your Smarty Visa Card is in UAE Dirhams (AED). All non-AED transactions will be converted at the prevailing exchange rate.

Where can I find CVV code for online payments?

The 3 digits CVV number is located on the front of the card under CVV2. 

If I have a problem with Card, where I should call?

Should you have any questions or concerns about your Smarty Visa Card, please call (+971) 4 293 5814 for the automated support line – enter your card number and you can get your balance, the last 3 transactions, and block a card 24/7. 

Still have questions?

Send us your issue and our Customer Support Team will get back to you right away.


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