How Paid TV Adverts Have Transformed Regular Advertising

If you love watching TV, getting paid to watch it might seem like a far-fetched fantasy. But, the truth is that you can get paid and there are opportunities you can participate in while watching your favorite TV show or Sporting event. 

This is not a fast-track way to earning money but if you enjoy following TV shows you might as well enjoy getting paid for it. Smarty is personalized television advertising in Dubai that is an advertising system delivered to the viewer’s TV screen through Smarty Receiver technology. The Smarty ads appear when you watch television, however, you have complete control over when it appears and if you want to view the ads in that moment. You can always turn the ads off and view them later. The ads are discreet and will not disturb your viewing pleasure. 

It is easy to become a part of Smarty ads. All you’ve got to do is to register your interest and Smarty Receiver will be delivered to your doorstep. Viewers will also receive a Smarty Visa card which can be used similarly to a debit card. 

The best part about Smarty Receiver is that you get to optimize your viewing experience depending on your preference and enjoyment. And the ads will not disturb your viewing time. They are discreet and will display as full-screen ads only if you click on it. If you like certain types of ads, you can set it up so that only those kinds of ads are displayed on your TV. You can also access the best deals in your favorite stores and be eligible to receive discounts, promotions and exclusive offers. 

Television advertising in Dubai has taken advertising to new heights in recent years. For businesses in particular, this form of advertising offers tremendous benefits. In the U.A.E in particular, there are many companies that don’t have the opportunity of advertising on local television during prime time viewing. This is one way to leverage that power and put your company at the forefront of the viewer’s home. 

And you get paid each time you view ads from advertisers. As much as you spend time viewing ads, advertisers feel it is only right to compensate viewers for their valuable time. This is a smart way of watching television and being rewarded for something you absolutely love to do, anyway.  


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