Paid TV Advertising – How Viewers Can Make A Difference

If you knew you could get paid for watching TV ads that make you some extra money, and help make a difference to businesses, it is likely you would jump onto the bandwagon.

Generally, television audiences are loyal folks. You have your favorite TV shows, TV series and other programs you like and you watch everything like a prayer. There’s a reason why Grey’s Anatomy is running on its 14th season, it’s because of their large and loyal fan base. This is what television can do that the internet cannot. 

While it seems like everyone is online watching, viewing and streaming it doesn’t still compare to a television audience. When watching something on the internet you are bombarded with ads, banners and other pop-ups. It is not clean watching, there is so much distraction around you and most people watch on the go. When it comes to watching television it is likely that you are free, relaxed and completely engaged.

This is where businesses should step in and promote their products and services. With no distractions you have an audience that is open and interested in what you have to offer. And the good news is that you can reward them for viewing your advert. Rewarding audiences is an old time trick. People love freebies and making extra money on the side. Each time a client views your ad they get paid. This increases their interest in your brand, products and services. If your audience feels that you appreciate the time they spend on viewing your adverts, they are more likely to purchase from you.

It is long believed that a business stands on the backbone of its customers. And the attention and interest customers show advertisements should be rewarded. Audiences can decide whether they want to purchase the products and services. Viewers can also set-up how to see the adverts and customize their viewing experience. 

Smart advertising is when you know whom you are advertising for and the potential there is to convert viewers into sales. This is what Smarty Business is so good at doing. You will have your own television advertising campaign that targets your niche group and location. And you can see the campaign grow and how it impacts your business as television advertising in Dubai brings you more leads, sales and customers than you ever hoped for.    



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