Smarty Business platform is open!

Kris Bialas – Founder and CEO of Smarty International, has the pleasure to announce, since 25th of March, the sales department for advertisers at our Smarty Business platform is open. A team of highly competent and successful advertising professionals is out on the field approaching business from all industries. Our clients selling products and services can now advertise on all TV channels, whenever their target group turns on the TV. Feel welcome to contact us and a consultant specializing in advertising in the industry will assist you. Request your advertising and to reach our audience and be a part of the fundamental change in advertising media industry.

Smarty receivers have reached households in Dubai. In this year more than 250 000 viewers will enjoy features of Smarty Life program with all the additional benefits of the technology of the box. We are proud to share official information, that second lot of Smarty Receivers will be reaching homes of viewers at the end of July.


Kind Regards to all

Kris Bialas


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