Smarty Receiver – technology behind new generation TV advertising

Smarty Receiver is a type of device called “Set-top box”. Technological compliment to your television environment. It makes your TV smart, just like any other fancy Smart TV operated on android system. Receivers are distributed in households of UAE, and its users are earning money for watching TV.

Smarty App

Thanks to Smarty Receiver you get access to Smarty system and your own personal panel.  Just by clicking on your remote control you will be able to find out and set up ecerything and be set to go. There you can set up your ad preferences, like what kind of Advertising you wish to see, how often Ads are displayed. You can check your Smarty earning balance. You will see exactly which ads you saw, you will be able to save them to favorites and come back to them later. There you can also turn the system off, without touching any cable.

Smarty hardware

The receiver gives access to Google Android shop. The device allows you to have all the options of a smart TV, so you will be able to access social media, videos, purchase movies online, play games, browse internet and more.


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  1. I have requested one device already in a different windows for getting online advertisement, best offers updates and internet smart options. Interesting device, please do the needful.

    1. Dear Sir,

      Thank you for your interest in our offer.

      The new distribution of our Smarty set-top boxes will be launched at the beginning of May 2018.
      All orders placed by that time will be processed in accordance with the order of applications.
      We will inform you about the status of your order.

      Best Regards
      Jarek Golawski
      Product Director

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