Would You Like To Get Paid For Watching TV Adverts

How would you like getting paid for watching advertisements? After all, you are constantly viewing advertisements that you don’t get paid for, now here’s an opportunity to get paid to view them. Everyone watches television, but you can watch television and be smart about it. Not only are you enjoying the live football match on your screen, you are also viewing ads on the side and making that extra money.

The latest in  personalized advertising in Dubai is about to hit your screen. Smarty Life is an advertising system that is delivered to your television screen. The good news is that you are in control of the advertisements, how much you want to see, and in the instance you don’t, you can turn it off.

With companies constantly advertising on television to promote their goods and services with a goal to reach their target audience, companies are now willing to pay money to reach the right people. This incentive is shared with the audience which is then added to a Visa Card and similar to using a debit card, consumers can make purchases. Watching TV has never been more exciting and rewarding.

And the best thing about personalized advertising is that the advertisements will not disturb your leisure time. You can continue to watch your favorite TV series or sporting event, and the ads will appear discreetly and disappear just as discreetly. If you don’t want to view the ad in real-time you can always go back and view it using your special remote. You can also optimize your viewing experience by setting up the advertisements based on how often you want to view them.

It also gives you the opportunity to find the best deals, discounts and giveaways. You can browse through your favorite stores and enjoy the best deals in town.

The essence behind television advertising in Dubai is the belief that the clients are the backbone of any business. And even your attention and engagement towards an advert is valid and deserves to be rewarded. You are paid for your time for allowing companies the opportunity to showcase their products and services. Whether you want to use their services is completely up to you.


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